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since 2011

Nova Yacht is a yacht profit-share program by the same team behind Singapore leading yacht charter provider YachtCharter.sg.

Our Mission

Nova Yacht strives to increase accessibility to luxury yachting by combining enjoyment, affordability and profitability. This can be achieved through our unique yacht profit-sharing program.

Vision: To be a leading co-ownership program in yacht profit sharing with low entry, good returns and liquidity.



Making Luxury Yachting Accessible

Nova Yacht provides easier and hassle-free access to luxury yachting through yacht charters at competitive rates.

Making Yacht Ownership Affordable

Nova Yacht makes yachting even more affordable by providing discounted charter of yachts for participants of our unique yacht profit-sharing program. Book and use a yacht easily as though you own the boat, without the full cost and hassle of ownership!

Making Yacht Investment Profitable

Turn yachting from a cost into a business opportunity. Participate in our yacht profit-sharing program to earn a share of the yacht charter revenue, while enjoying the yachting lifestyle meanwhile.

Yacht Ownership & Profit-Sharing

Yacht Management

Yacht Brokerage

Yacht Charter

Established since 2011, YachtCharter.sg is Singapore’s most trusted brand for yacht charter in Singapore, providing luxury yacht cruises around Singapore and the Asia region. At YachtCharter.sg, we strive to deliver unparalleled yachting experiences at affordable prices. Besides yacht charter, YachtCharter.sg provide a full suite of services including yacht management and yacht investment. We turn yachts into investment assets that generate good returns through charter revenue. Experience yachting like never before with YachtCharter.sg & Nova Yacht.

Our Nova Yacht Charter Yacht Ownership Program (CYOP) is an unique profit sharing program that rewards you based on the program yacht’s charter revenue.

Yacht ownership is no longer just a cost, it can be a business opportunity too!

Turn your yachting lifestyle into an investment with Nova Yacht.

Nova Yacht

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    Nova Yacht provides a new way for you to enjoy yachting experiences. With Yacht Sharing by Nova Yacht, you can now enjoy the yachting lifestyle while earning from participating in the profit-share of the yacht from just $1200. One-time payment with no annual fees. Limited availability – secure your share now!