About Nova Yacht

Nova Yacht is a charter yacht co-ownership program by Singapore leading yacht charter provider YachtCharter.sg.

Established since 2011, YachtCharter.sg is Singapore’s most trusted brand for yacht charter in Singapore, providing luxury yacht cruises around Singapore and the Asia region. At YachtCharter.sg, we strive to deliver unparalleled yachting experiences at affordable prices. Besides yacht charter, YachtCharter.sg provide a full suite of services including yacht management and yacht investment. We turn yachts into investment assets that generate good returns through charter revenue. Experience yachting like never before with YachtCharter.sg.

Mission: Nova Yacht strives to combine enjoyment, affordability and profitability by making
(1) luxury yachting accessible for everyone to enjoy
(2) yacht ownership affordable, and
(3) yacht investment profitable
This can be achieved by tokenising yacht ownership, where each token represents a profit-share of the yacht.

Vision: To be a leading program in yacht co-ownership with low entry, good returns, and liquidity of tokens.

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